LYON, France

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Born 1950, France

Freelance photographer, curator, organizator
from 1999 works in the Center of Contemporary Photography Le Bleu du ciel with the help of the city Lyon and DRAC Rhône Alpes
from 2001 the chief of the photographic biennale Lyon Septembere de la photographie. This year presenting 40 cities, hundred of photographers.
Cooperations with Paris galleries (A. Gaillard, Anne Barault, Camera Obscura, GB Agency, Air de Paris, Michel Chomette, Pietro Sparta) or others - Wilma Tolksdorf Gallery in Berlin, Elysée Lausanne, Contyretype Bruxelles and publishers like Lieux Dits from Lyon - work on the collection 24 sights Blue de Ciel etc. From 2004 the lecturer of photography at Imus Annecy, Savoy.